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Nursing Home Support Scheme in Mayo

Nursing Home Support Scheme Advice in Mayo

The Nursing Home Support Scheme (NHSS) was born out of an ideology– that the elderly population deserves to stay in good health, irrespective of their wealth. While it has truly made its mark by establishing itself as a reliable scheme throughout Ireland, advisory bodies like Nursing Home Support Scheme Advice took it forward in areas like the County Mayo to spread the word with its impartial advice and services.


Aimed to break down the complex parts of NHSS into simpler digestible facts, we forward confidential advisory services to the elderly, who are in urgent need of long term nursing home care. So if you are one of them or in close contact with someone eligible for the Nursing Home Loan, living in County Mayo, Ireland, here is a breakdown of our private advisory services.

If you wish to apply for the NHS scheme, feel free to reach us. We shall take you through the steps, initiating from Care Needs Assessment till Ancillary State Support in a breeze. Be a part of our success story and enjoy great peace of mind, knowing that your application form seeking financial support for long term care needs has been successfully completed and shall be granted soon.

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